COVID-19: Responding to the needs of our communities

Dear Colleagues,

As the COVID-19 pandemic threatens our communities, we want to highlight the ways our philanthropic partners are working to meet the needs of those most impacted. Below is a list of dedicated funds available to ensure that those who are most vulnerable in our state are receiving access to food, shelter and the resources their families need. These include:

We know our members and community partners are working on various fronts to protect California’s communities at this time. We will continue to share information and available resources with our members and partners through our web site and social media channels. We also will work with the Alliance for Boys and Men of Color to gather information for CFBMoC members on issues that will be most critical to our communities in the weeks to come, from health and housing, to workers’ and immigrant rights and criminal justice.

May we continue to take care of one another and our communities during this time.

Please contact Sergio Cuellar with any additional information or questions.


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