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Cultivating access to opportunity for our young people benefits all of us. Young men of color are future entrepreneurs, political leaders, teachers, artists and tech innovators. By 2050, over 50 percent of working Californians will be people of color. California’s prosperity depends on them.

Yet, our boys and men of color face barriers to opportunity at every point in their development, from childhood to adulthood. Every day, our boys and men are left behind by our school systems, held back from success by our criminal justice system, and excluded from employment opportunity.

We must act immediately and collaboratively to create opportunity for multiple generations of our boys and men of color. The CFBMOC provides needed collaboration and shared knowledge among California’s foundations, aligning our individual efforts for maximum impact.

Together, we can ensure our investments reach and change the lives of our boys and young men, and create more inclusion and opportunity for all. Join us in this important movement.

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