Thanks to Communities of Color, this is a Moment of Opportunity, Solidarity and Hope

This is truly a momentous win for our democracy, for representation and for a new narrative about the communities too often left behind in this country. If there was ever an election that was decided by the people and for the people, this was it. This outcome represents a truly historic moment for our country as the first woman, and the first Black and Indian woman Vice-President-elect, now takes a leading role in representing our communities. It also shows what’s possible when our communities show up and make their voices heard. Through the leadership of our communities, particularly communities of color, we chose leaders who provide hope for our future. We recognize and celebrate the record number of people who organized, marched, got out the vote and voted for what we stand for – hope, an equitable society and the promise of a brighter tomorrow for our families and communities.

The results of this election prove that, given the opportunity, the American people choose love, decency and respect for our country. Since the inception of our country, systemic racism and anti-Blackness have widened disparities for the majority – Black people, Indigenous peoples and other communities of color – while benefiting the few in power. We are long overdue for policies and leaders who prioritize and invest in breaking down barriers for those that have been left behind, and the young people of color who make up the future of our country.

California has shown time and time again that we can count on each other – to protect our communities, rise against systemic racism and anti-Blackness and take care of one another in times of crisis. Our state has prioritized its people, leading the country in juvenile and criminal justice reform, protections for immigrant communities and pushing for climate justice. Movements made tremendous progress, from winning a historic effort to restore the right to vote for those impacted by the criminal justice system, to mobilizing an unprecedented coalition to support schools and communities. Moving forward, we have an opportunity to dream and make the progressive vision that California has represented a reality. We know that when we listen to and trust those closest to the problem to provide the solutions, all of our communities thrive.

As we work to repair the harm of the past four years, we must continue to invest in our future, and the young people of color who are leading us to realize the full potential of our state. These results are one step in a long march towards equity, justice and healing. It is up to all of us to build a California and a country that works for everyone, and we will continue to do that together.


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